Banner Public Affairs Launches In-House Video Studio at Washington DC Headquarters

The new video studio expands Banner's creative offerings.

Washington, D.C. (September 27, 2023) – Banner Public Affairs today announced the launch of its in-house video production studio, located in the firm's Washington D.C. headquarters. The studio marks the first time Banner has brought this service in-house to make it increasingly accessible for all clients.

"Owning the production process enables our own team to lead every step of the video creation sequence," said Dylan Costa, graphic designer at Banner. "In today's increasingly digital society, video is essential for organizations and companies to include in their communication strategies. A powerful and engaging visual story can vastly increase visibility and help support and progress a client's objective. Just last year, we were able to produce a video for a client that directly correlated to the client securing over $180,000 in investment funds. We are excited to guide our clients with our expertise and create fantastic video content using our studio."

Banner's team has produced a number of videos prior to the creation of this studio, including event/milestone, mission and purpose content, and more, as the firm has continuously recognized the importance of videos in strategic communications strategies. The first content to be fully produced in-house at the studio, however, was created on behalf of the American Business Water Coalition, to introduce the Coalition's objective in a clear and succinct short video.  

"The firm is thrilled to expand our creative offerings," said Alex Fusté, chief design officer at Banner. "Our video capability success is a direct result of close collaboration between all teams at Banner. The results have been above our expectations, and more importantly, our clients'."

Companies interested in learning more about Banner's video service offerings can reach out to the firm here to start a discussion.  

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