Communications & public relations

Whether the goal is winning government contracts, increasing brand visibility or defending a reputation during a crisis, we will deliver the right message through the right platform to the right audience at the right time.

Media relations

Banner’s public relations counselors apply decades of experience, trusted relationships with reporters and producers, expert copwriting and aggressive pitching to earn placements in top print, digital and broadcast media outlets.

Strategy and messaging

At the core of any successful public relations campaign is carefully-crafted messaging. Banner uses research, industry expertise and organizational objectives to develop compelling messaging that communicates your organization’s ‘why’ and resonates with target audiences.

Crisis management

With experience from managing high-profile corporate and political issues, senior counselors at Banner guide our clients successfully through the most complex, high-profile and politically-charged crises. Banner strongly and smartly defends clients’ reputations through an integrated campaign-style approach that strategically addresses all audiences: political, press, partners, customers and employees.


BannerAI is here. We have combined the power of our team and the power of AI to help our clients work smarter and stay ahead of the competition. Our custom built platform uses IBM Watson and AI Natural Language Processing to discover action-packed insights, by analyzing thousands of media articles. BannerAI provides valuable information to our clients, such as discovering keywords and sentiment, identifying emerging trends, selecting the right reporters to pitch, and uncovering the best language to use in pitching reporters, while also creating the most engaging digital and social media posts. Get the edge with BannerAI, and get real results.

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