Matt Bormet

Senior Vice President

Conquering policy and political battles

Matt Bormet cuts through the politics and daily rhetoric of Washington to solve his clients’ toughest problems, defend their reputations and win. During his 20 years in Washington, DC, Matt has worked to solve some of the toughest policy challenges in the aviation, natural resources, maritime, tax, and trade spheres.

Matt was Rep. Larsen’s lead staffer on aviation issues as the Ranking Member of the House Aviation Subcommittee and also covered Arctic, energy, environment, fisheries, agriculture, tribal, tax, finance and other transportation policy. He previously worked for Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) where he handled a variety of policy issues regarding transportation, energy, technology and the environment. In those capacities, Matt helped craft significant parts of many bills that made it into law, including the last two surface transportation bills, multiple FAA reauthorization bills, public lands legislation and maritime and fisheries legislation.

At Banner, he counsels a wide range of clients including Fishermen’s Finest Inc., the Brewers Association, Perspecta and the St. Louis Carpenter’s Pension Plan. Matt currently supports clients from Banner’s Washington, D.C. office.