Mae Stevens


Mae Stevens has spent more than a decade as a leader in water infrastructure policy and has earned a spot on The Hill’s Top Lobbyist list three years in a row.  

As a Partner at Banner Public Affairs, she provides strategic environmental and infrastructure policy expertise to a diverse range of corporate, municipal, and non-profit clients.

Mae most recently served as Environmental Policy Advisor to Sen. Ben Cardin, for whom she wrote the Senate Democrats’ response to the Flint water crisis and a bill that made the most sweeping changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act since the 1990s. Both bills passed nearly unanimously in both the House and Senate.

Mae is also the CEO of the American Business Water Coalition, managed by Banner Public Affairs, which is made up of water-reliant businesses and the utilities that serve them. The coalition provides a platform for businesses across the country to urge Congress and the Administration to increase investment in water infrastructure, and foster relationships between businesses and their local utilities. The Coalition led a successful fight against dramatic cuts to federal funding last year and will continue to lead this effort in Washington going forward.