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Build a brand and raise your banner.

Founders menu

Specially priced a la carte options for growing companies to build an infrastructure of sustainable communications and digital essentials that can evolve with your company.

Media strategy

Elevate voice & gain credibility. Guidance in navigating the media in the beltway and beyond: Identify the most relevant audience and targets and craft a smarter pitch to gain traction.


Look the part & make an impression. Tailored design of digital or printed items.

Social media

Controlled & relevant reach. Analysis and counsel to yield more effective digital communications.

Web presence

Educate & convert. Training and discussion to identify the best approaches to highlight your brand and drive visitors to desired action.

Past startup events

Startup Right: 10 Tips for Launching Your Venture

Banner joined a panel of experts in the DMV-area startup world to discuss the most common mistakes made by startup founders. The panel covered all that early stage companies need to know when starting and growing a venture – from finances to legal to customer acquisition.

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Build a Brand & Raise Your Banner: Startup Comms 101

In partnership with DC Startup Week, Banner hosted a workshop at Google DC for founders looking to hone their communications strategy and nail the fundamentals for growing a brand. Founders left the session with actionable tips & tricks and a drafted “about us” messaging piece.

Banner and Beyond: Communication Essentials for Founders

An afternoon of activities, discussions and panels to kickstart or refresh communications for the early growth startup.

An overview of why smarter, intentional communications matter, with lessons on how to build a brand, promote offerings and expand networks using tactful social media, self-published content and media prowess.

Tailored activities to learn the crucial skills and yield high-quality communications assets: tangible materials to take home and implement

A panel of experts and executives, including Shark Tank Season 1 alum Brett Thompson, The Bridge Co-Founder and CEO Allie Brandenburger and Hatch Apps Co-founder and COO Amelia Friedman.

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