Designing a platform that makes the government more accessible to all Americans.

Megaphone is a new technology startup with a mission to make government activities and policy tracking accessible to all. With both a consumer app and client dashboard in development, Megaphone has tapped Banner’s creative team to plan the user experience and promote these products to potential investors.

Our process has involved auditing data, identifying vital functionality, and producing an easy-to-use interface for basic and advanced users. Using sophisticated AI that the Megaphone team has developed, we are able to pull in published government information at the local, state and federal level. Utilizing Megaphone’s custom AI, the user is then presented with policies or legislation that matter most to them.

Starting with a brand

Before the Megaphone team could begin their efforts of promoting their new product, they needed a brand and visual identity that could be utilized across all mediums. Banner’s creative team went right to work on modernizing the startup’s look and developing the brand for a consistent presentation.

Banner began building a new website, promotional and pitch materials, and started to develop content for Megaphone’s investment web page on, a crowdfunding service that connects startups with investors.

Getting the word out

Our team worked closely with Megaphone to craft the narrative of what Megaphone is and who receives its benefits. Banner’s creative team then crafted scripts and produced videos for multiple outlets, efficiently using the materials we had developed.

Product Development

Not only did Megaphone need a brand, Megaphone also needed dedicated help with user experience and design for the products: the Megaphone App and Megaphone Dashboard. Built upon proprietary technology, Banner was tasked to bring the startup’s ideas to life. From user flow analysis to prototyping, the Banner creative team continues to refine the products.

Getting Noticed

Throughout our partnership with Megaphone, we were able to catch the attention of a notable business leader.

“Potentially informative and engaging Megaphone App, will apparently let voters easily track legislation and engage with elected officials, increase ability for civic engagement, will be interesting to see how well it works.”
Steve Forbes 1/4/23