Designed for investors and new business.

Craig Stevenson was fresh out of a startup accelerator, armed with a new company built on virtual infrastructure technology that he knew could disrupt the cybersecurity industry and beyond. Stevenson entrusted Banner to help him build a brand that could envoy massive growth and provide the legitimacy needed to hire smart people, serve big customers, and attract needed investment.

Media placements

Savvy outreach landed positive stories in publications read by influencers in the beltway technology market and in venture capital communities.


A splashy launch helped HyperQube secure a $500k seed round, gain name recognition in the industry, sign two new customers and bring on its first two employees.

Birth of a brand

Created brand messaging from scratch to succinctly explain ease of use for powerful technology & counsel to productize various offerings.A tight budget/high-impact social media strategy employed both paid and earned tactics to increase following and brand visibility among senior executives at select cybersecurity firms. Follower growth on both Twitter and LinkedIn pulled above average returns and target audience received more than 135,000 impressions across platforms.