Promoting fishing and U.S. shipbuilding.

During the construction of a new state-of-the-art fishing vessel chartered by Fishermen’s Finest Incorporated, the shipbuilder found a portion of the hull was out of compliance with federal shipbuilding regulations. The error could potentially result in the closure of the shipyard and loss of the ship from the U.S. fleet, not to mention a huge financial burden on the fishing company, a Banner client. Fishermen’s Finest turned to Banner to secure a waiver to continue building and ultimately allow for the ship to fish.


Direct jobs created from language in the Jones Act


Indirect jobs locally and across the country.

Secured language in law to provide a rare Jones Act waiver

Secured language in law to provide a rare Jones Act waiver for the fishing vessel America’s Finest, the first ever for a new build ship in the fishing fleet.  

Lead a two-year campaign highlighting the project’s significant environmental and economic advancements in and efficiency in the U.S. for Members of Congress and the administration.

Navigated interest groups, competing state political interests, and administration hurdles resulting in a win.

The project has provided direct jobs for more than 375 employees for the last three years, and indirect jobs to approximately 1,200 additional workers in the region.