Social media is more than a post. It’s about strategic messaging that reaches, educates and activates your stakeholders in a meaningful way. Banner’s in-house social media team applies the latest tools and campaign-proven tactics to enhance the impact of clients’ corporate and advocacy campaigns. Earned or paid, we use cutting-edge monitoring and measurement tools, and are a truly integrated part of Banner’s government relations and communications solutions.




Social media is entirely measurable, providing a comprehensive understanding of reach and engagement. Social listening goes beyond monitoring, by putting tangible metrics around a social media conversation. These metrics provide an actionable analysis to make data-driven decisions.



At the cornerstone of Banner’s approach to social media advocacy is research. We test and develop key messaging and content that increases awareness, ignites dialogue and fosters action among grassroots and grasstops through the right medium at the right time.




Paid social media and digital advertising drives your campaign further and beyond organic content. Banner expertly identifies the right mix of demographic and psychographic indicators to capture the right audience, deliver results and maximize spend on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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